Posted by: ihfgeneva | February 18, 2013

The International Hospital Federation Welcomes You!

The International Hospital Federation is proud to present this incredible space to share and learn knowledge with all of you.

We in the IHF have the mission to contribute to better health for all people around the world through the advancement of appropriate and properly-managed healthcare organizations and facilities while offering a platform for free exchange of ideas, expertise and information among the global community of healthcare organizations and management professionals.

It is through this new channel that we wish to expand our possibilities to learn from ALL of you (wether you are a patient, doctor, executive, journalist, blogger or just someone interested in the healthcare industry).

You will find here valuable news and information regarding the development of healthcare worldwide. From E-health issues, to hospital partnerships, to inside stories of relevant organizations (such as the WHO), this space will serve as a connecting link for knowledge, opinions, ideas and expertise.

Readers will be able to find as well all of the information surrounding the IHF (events, publications, studies, partnerships, memberships…).

We welcome you to our new field of learning, come join us in the search of a world of healthy communities served by well managed hospitals and health services where all individuals reach their highest potential for health.


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