Posted by: ihfgeneva | February 21, 2013

IHF present at the World Bank Human Development Forum

IHF´s CEO Eric de Roodenbeke was present at the World Bank Human Development Forum that took place in the city of Washington D.C.

During a 1 day session, Mr. de Roodenbeke presented the challenges of enhancing managerial capacities in hospitals all around the world.

The call is to create a hospital reform approach supported by a framework describing the key components to consider. Throughout this presentation, the necessity of the autonomization of hospitals was pointed out, but this process will not bring any major improvement if along with it there is no effective stewardship capacities. Therefore re-enforcing the aptitudes of each ministry of health is as important as implementing the aforementioned autonomization of hospitals.

Health care authorities should stop thinking of ministries of health as providers of services and should look at them as a guiding and supervising authorities.

Special emphasis was made on the need to reenforce managerial capacities, and for this, the presentation by the IHF´s CEO highlighted essential functions that should be placed worldwide.

The development of hospital projects without a solid initial programming was also discussed during the session as a relevant issue. The weakness of hospital planning and programming in emerging and low income countries has become an important problem, and a major need to support this countries competences was called.

To this account, Mr. de Roodebenke stated that the International Union of Architects (public health group), in partnership with the International Hospital Federation, is developing a project that will respond to this challenge.


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