Posted by: ihfgeneva | February 22, 2013

Green@Hospital – Health should know green too

In today´s world, the need to be “green” has stopped being a luxury and has turned into a real necessity. Whether you talk about the environmental urgencies or the economical advantages, sustainability and ecological responsibility should be an everyday topic.

While most of the time this conversations are related to manufacturing enterprises, the health and hospital sector must not avoid being a part of the movement.

This is the why the Green@Hospital project was created by the European Union Commission´s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), in partnership with other companies.

A great number of European countries have a high proportion of aging hospital buildings, making them one of the least energy efficient structures. To that account, the project aims to achieve energy savings in existing hospitals and build more sustainable new ones.

The project, which started its workplan stage nearly a year ago, will be implemented in 4 hospitals in Europe to encourage the use renewable energy sources, the building management and the possibility to refurbish plans at energy efficiency improvements.

A Web-based Energy Management and Control System was developed to monitor and assess the energy use and saving.

With this, the EU hopes not only to increase the cost savings of hospital sectors but also to improve user comfort. The proper use of energy can upgrade the quality of air and water, the correct use of illumination and control of temperature, to provide a better service for patients; all of this while lowering CO2 emissions.

It has been noted that not every hospital possesses the same characteristics and functioning methods, however this project searches as well to create a base standard so its use can be reachable to any european country.

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