Posted by: ihfgeneva | May 8, 2013

Global Healthcare cooperation for a better World

Dr. Kwang Tae Kim, President-Designate of the International Hospital Federation (IHF), participated as a keynote speaker at the Medical Korea 2013 Conference that took place at the COEX Convention Center in Seoul, Korea.

The conference, considered to be one of the largest Global Healthcare Conferences in Asia, united important participants that included Government Ministers for Health from Korea, Saudi Arbia and Indonesia and national delegates and leaders Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Canada and the United States.

The event carried out with the purpose to promote and ensure patient safety and to provide top-quality medical services and strategic solutions for emerging markets. Subjects like visions of integrative medicine in the Global Healthcare Industry or International Cooperation on Global Healthcare were discussed.

It was that specific subject (International Cooperation) that Dr. Kim adressed stating that “Global cooperation will be great help in solving global healthcare problems”.

Dr. Kim mentioned that “benefits of the cooperation in Healthcare include reduced cost and improved quality Good healthcare benefits not just patients but also economy and social development”.

It was mentioned that, in order to achieve progress in healthcare, 3 special issues must be confronted for todays´ healthcare providers: Efficient Care, Patient Safety and Patient-Centered Care. To face this issues, Dr. Kim expressed the need to design a well-integrated and well-coordinated delivery system, one that understands that the value of patient safety should not be compromised with efficient care. He added that ” if empowered patients can choose health seeking behavior and comply to disease management practices especially in treating chronic diseases, more efficient utilization of healthcare services might be possible”.

To all participating members, Dr. Kim explained how the IHF may help to solve issues like these by stating that “IHF can help enhance the competencies of healthcare professionals and leaders to face future challenges”.

A final call to overcome the barriers between developed and emerging countries was made in the search of better health conditions and a better world based on global cooperation. 


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