Posted by: ihfgeneva | June 11, 2013

The need of an international competency framework for healthcare executives

The International Hospital was present and participated at the International Seminar on Hospital Management that was setup by the French School of Public Health (EHESP) and the Brazilian School of Public health (Fio Cruz, ENSP) at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The event is a collaboration between both France and Brazil and gathered over 150 participants. Health experts and investigators, healthcare professionals and public authorities from both countries engage a helpful discussion regarding “the actual challenges of health systems”

Topics like Hospital Concentration, governance systems and complex hospital frameworks along with Management formation were approached in the search of improving the deliverance of health services.

The IHF presented an initiative to promote an international competency framework for healthcare executives.

In explaining the present situation of healthcare management, Mr. Eric de Roodenbeke (CEO IHF) stated that there are 5 factors that make this framework necessary:

-There is now an added pressure for efficiency which translates to a more complex type of management.
– Health management is still too weak and needs to improve.
– There are many manager training programs and of various quality levels.
– Most programs are not professionally and internationally recognized making this education feeble.
– The globalized factor of health sees health managers constantly moving to different countries.

By taking into consideration some existing frameworks and improving them, the IHF searches to develop an international set of managerial and leadership competencies that would reinforce the formation and promotion of health managers. Another objective of the framework would be to encourage health stakeholders to develop a true academic program and careers for Health Management.

In order to achieve the creation of the framework a series of steps were proposed by Mr. de Roodenbeke as well:

– Gather health organizations that have developed health management frameworks.
– Develop principles that are applicable to all.
– Define the essential content in a general way.
– Select and place a referential international organization.
– Send out an international call to action for the utilization of the framework.
– Recognizing the health management associations as the professional reference for these competencies is key as well.

By doing this, the IHF hopes to improve health systems all around the world while making sure that young professionals and stablished managers can improve on daily basis as well.

On Wednesday 19th of June, at the IHF 38th World Hospital Congress, the IHF will host a parallel session regarding the need, challenges and steps of this framework on healthcare executive competencies.


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