Posted by: ihfgeneva | November 4, 2013

World Leaders Discuss the Health of the Aging Population

2nd National Congress of Private HospitalsThe International Hospital Federation participated in The Second National Congress of Private Hospitals, which took place in São Paolo, Brazil during October 2nd to October 4th, 2013. Sponsored by Brazil’s National Association of Private Hospitals (ANAHP) and Hospital Fair and Forum, the event was themed “Ageing Population and the Effects on Hospital Activity and Care Management.”

Nearly 800 participants and leading global health leaders attended the congress and discussed issues such as the effects of aging populations on hospital activity and management assistance, structure of care for the elderly and intensive use of technology to monitor patients with chronic diseases. The IHF President, Dr. Kwang Tae Kim, appreciated that the theme of the event was a worldwide issue with “global impact.”

IHF CEO, Eric de Roodenbeke, moderated a Plenary Session themed “Challenges of Ageing Population on Healthcare: International Experiences.” Speakers of the session included Tseneo Sakai, President of the Japan Hospital Association; Cédric Lussiez, Director of Communications at the French Hospital Federation; and Thomas C. Dolan, President Emeritus of the American College of Healthcare Executives.  Mr. Roodenbeke emphasized that the cost of patient care will undoubtedly increase as the population ages. He also indicated that “elderly people of the future will be different from the elderly today,” and there will consequently be many questions regarding the nature of this care and what its impacts might be. Therefore the challenge, according to Mr. Roodenbeke, “is to reshape the entire service of healthcare.”

Francisco Balestrin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANAHP, highlighted the participation of representatives from the IHF, noting, “The experience of IHF will certainly enrich the debates. The exchange of experiences and scenarios of health systems from other countries presented by eminent experts during the CONAHP are essential in the development of solutions for the Brazilian context.”

Presentations of the IHF Session are available at:

Other presentations of CONAHP may be viewed at:


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