Posted by: ihfgeneva | November 5, 2013

Dr. Risto Miettunen on Integrated Service Delivery and the Role of Hospitals

EFPC-logoThe European Forum for Primary Care Congress, co-organized by the Turkish Foundation of Family Medicine and supported by the International Hospital Federation, took place in Istanbul on September  9-10th, 2013. With 160 delegates present from 30 countries, the conference aimed to increase the understanding of the need for strong primary care within the healthcare delivery system, while also identifying and exploring primary care as a hub for patient-centered health systems with continuity. Dr. Risto Miettunen, Chief Executive Officer of the Kuopio University Hospital District and member of the International Hospital Federation Governing Council, chaired a workshop session themed “Integrated Service Delivery and the Role of Hospitals”.

Dr. Miettunen presented on Chronic and multi-morbid conditions and the role of hospitals in service delivery. Performing studies on service delivery in Finnish university hospitals, he observed the interdependence of productivity, cost and outcome.

Dr. Miettunen suggests combining the hospital with other services to form a Regional Service Network that provides more continuous care to the elderly. Along with acute care and inpatient services, Dr. Miettunen recommends combining the hospital with services such as elderly services, housing services, education, health shopping mall, welfare, social care, rehab and more.

Dr. Miettunen also illustrates a future hospital which is divided into four parts according to four typologies: Hot Hospital, Office, Hotel, and Factory. The Hot hospital is designated for emergency services, operations, ICU and diagnostics, while the Office would house multidisciplinary consultation rooms, treatment rooms, knowledge centers and day hospital. The Hotel would be meant for specialized staff teams, and the Factory would be used for Clinical physiology, laboratories, pathology, kitchen, storage, technical spaces, pharmacy, etc. The multidisciplinary structure of the hospital would ensure a continuity of care. Dr. Miettuen depicts the importance of a future relationship between hospitals and primary health care.

Dr. Miettunen’s presentation from the EFPC Congress 2013 can be found at:


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