Posted by: ihfgeneva | November 11, 2013

IHF Supports ICRC’s Campaign: Health Care in Danger

health-care-in-danger-logoThe IHF is proud to support the global campaign, Health Care in Danger (HCiD), led by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) focused on improving the security of healthcare in armed conflicts and other emergencies.

The IHF, together with other international NGOs, such as the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and the World Medical Association (WMA), have been charged with the task of mapping possible areas for collaboration at country level through mobilization of their respective members.

Scheduled to run from 2012 to 2015, HCiD mobilizes experts to develop ways to implement efficient, effective and impartial healthcare in armed conflict and other emergencies. The campaign works to address the issue of violence against healthcare facilities and personnel in the world. The ICRC from a study performed between 2008 and 2010, observed 655 separate events of violence against healthcare in 16 countries.

A set of recommendations to help ensure physical safety of healthcare facilities, were identified by some 60 experts at a Workshop held 24-27 September 2013 in Ottawa, Canada.  A summary of the conclusions from the Workshop will be available soon as further ground needs to be made in refining the issue of improving physical safety of health facilities. The recommendations currently formulated include:

  • improving the resilience of healthcare facilities before emergency situations arise;
  • providing better training to healthcare personnel in order to prepare them for emergency and conflicts and;
  • improving the physical structures of healthcare facilities to protect them from explosives, bullets and other dangers during conflicts.

Finalisation of the recommendations on the subject matter of the background paper, Health Care in Danger: Ensuring the Safety of Health Facilities, is expected during a workshop to be held in April 2014 in Pretoria, South Africa.

IHF, in the meantime, is interested to hear of experiences from any member hospital currently dealing with the enhancement of physical safety of healthcare facilities. Members wishing to share these experiences with the IHF are encouraged and welcomed to contact the IHF at:


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