Posted by: ihfgeneva | November 27, 2013

Global Health Forum in Taiwan: Health In All Policies

global forum in taiwan (2)

The International Hospital Federation participated in the Global Health Forum in Taiwan during 23-25 November in Taipei City. The conference, jointly organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China, brought together 70 guests from 25 nations. Themed “Health-in-All-Policies,” the conference aimed to foster the exchange of information and experiences between foreign and local health experts. In his opening address, President Ma Ying-Jeou acknowledged many of the achievements that Taiwan has made regarding public health including its National Health Insurance, obesity control, mental health, decreased drunk driving and international assistance program. As a result of its National Health Insurance Program, which covers 99.6% of the population, Taiwan ranks third amongst top nations with successful national insurance. Additionally, the Health Promotion Administration’s healthy weight management program has encouraged citizens to eat healthier, exercise more and ultimately lose weight. President Ma also addressed Taiwan’s global collaboration efforts, including its medical missions to its allies in Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Central/South America through assistance in disease prevention programs, including parasites, diabetes and hypertension.

taiwan global heatlh forumOne of the main issues addressed at the forum was cancer; as Dr. Wen-Ta Chiu, Minister of Health and Welfare, opened the conference by bringing attention to the issue. Minister Chiu acknowledged that cancer has been the number one cause of death in Taiwan since 1982, and is also the leading cause of death worldwide. He explained to participants that he wished for the forum to facilitate a discussion on the gravity of this global issue and to provide an opportunity to come up with strategies on how to address it.

Presentations at the forum addressed topics such as the global cancer epidemic, sustainable healthcare systems, tobacco control systems, obesity prevention programs, and more.

IHF CEO, Eric de Roodenbeke, presented during a plenary session themed, Value-added Healthcare, on how hospitalseric at global health forum in taiwan can be important health promoters and also participated in a panel discussion on the future of healthcare in the global trend of the Health-In-All-Policies approach. The forum addressed how to better implement the Health-In-All-Policies approach, and the Taipei Declaration on Global Development of Health in All Policies was adopted. The declaration calls on all those with influence on policy, civil society, academia and the media to actively seek political commitme
nt from leaders of all levels, build intersectoral partnerships, create capacity to undertake health impact assessment of all policies, and more. It also calls on public health organizations, including the IHF, to advocate for Health in All Policies through evidence-based research, conferences, training programs, etc.Eric with Taiwan president

Eric de Roodenbeke meets President of Taiwan


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