Posted by: ihfgeneva | December 9, 2013

IHF and Dubai Health Authority Launch “The Future Health Leaders Program”

dubai health management programThis past week the International Hospital Federation and the Dubai Health Authority launched The Future Health Leaders Program in collaboration with INDEX Holding. The program, which is dedicated to healthcare industry professionals in Dubai, starts this December and ends in October of 2014. Training 30 healthcare leaders from the Dubai Health Authority in healthcare management, the program is led by a team of experts working on behalf of IHF: Ken Hekman from US is specialized in management and leadership coaching, Thomas Vogel from Switzerland is an international advisor in management improvement and Alain Tessier from France is a senior hospital manager. The program is designed to increase participants’ knowledge and skills as healthcare managers, to increase confidence and competence as leaders, and to improve performances of their respective organizations. The course will allow participants to gain basic and advanced competencies for the effective operation of any healthcare facility.

The program is broken up into three sections: Essential Knowledge and Skills for Management, Integrating the Tools in Healthcare Organizations, and Looking Ahead. The first section culminates in a project by the participants that targets one specific issue in his/her healthcare organization. It will demonstrate the participant’s ability to achieve measurable results for the organization, applying the knowledge, skills and attitudes gained throughout the program. The second session will focus on how tools for management work together in healthcare organizations to impact clinical results and raise patient satisfaction, and the third session will introduce participants to major trends of evolution in healthcare service delivery. Over the course of the 9 months, 3 on-site trainings will occur, as well as 8 individual meetings via Skype with the coaches.

IHF CEO, Eric de Roodenbeke, highlights the importance of such a program, explaining that “In many countries, most of the health professionals who are handling managerial positions do not receive specific and comprehensive management training sources, mainly because of lack of access to learning opportunities adapted to their needs. Some may have a diploma in management or healthcare administration but may not have a chance to be trained and later translate the knowledge that they have learned to develop strong managerial capacity.”

duabi2The program not only aims to improve personal competencies of the participants, but also to create a minimal common managerial culture and ability in order to bring the top management together and understand decision-making in the context of Dubai. The exchange of information, experience and ideas throughout the program will improve the understanding of each position regarding the optimal functioning of the whole system.

After the completion of the course, the objective is that participants will:

  • Understand the practice of leadership and management within the healthcare environment
  • Develop skills to:
    • Enhance organizational results
    • Respond to challenges
    • Work in teams and mobilize others
    • Understand how your personality shapes your role as a manager
    • Benefit from continuous learning

After successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement issues by the International Hospital Federation and the Dubai Health Authority.


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