Posted by: ihfgeneva | December 9, 2013

IHF Organizes Mission in Vietnam for World Bank’s NORRED Project

The IHF organized a mission in Vietnam in November 2013 responding to a request the World Bank for the NORRED (Northeast and Red River Delta Regions Health System Support) Project.

The NORRED Project aims to improve health services by increasing efficiency and equity in the use of hospital services in 13 provinces of the Northeast and Red River Delta regions in Vietnam. The project will strengthen the capacity of provincial and district hospitals and reduce the financial barriers of accessing healthcare in Vietnam, through its support for the expansion of the national health insurance system to include households above the poverty line.

This mission, which mobilized IHF CEO, Eric de Roodenbeke, and the Deputy Director of La Ciotat Hospital (France), Hervé d’Oriano, explored how hospital partnerships can support the implementation of the NORRED Project.

A field visit to three provincial hospitals was performed, and potential aspects to be improved were suggested: clinical information systems, incident reporting systems, nursing management, patient satisfaction monitoring, data collection enhancement, computerized assistance maintenance systems and support of day hospital development. The mission initiated a discussion between the Medical Service Administration and provincial hospital directors regarding the possible utilization of partnership arrangements for the NORRED project quality management priorities.

Hospital partnerships facilitate the exchange of knowledge, technical information and other insights with no other limitation than the know-how of respective partners. Proposals for the NORRED Project include a partnership with the University Hospital of Marseille in France, which is a member of the IHF and a very active hospital in foreign partnerships, as well as mobilizing hospitals in Japan through the Japan Hospital Association. IHF would play a role as a starter of this operation and as a convener of partners.

Although hospital partnerships offer many benefits, undertaking a program of this size and scope requires further exploration with all stakeholders, because for most of them, such an approach is new. The final decision will result from an agreement of all stakeholders mobilized in such a project. IHF will provide its support throughout the process in response to stakeholders’ requests.


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