Posted by: ihfgeneva | February 12, 2014

Executive Summary for January 2014 International Healthcare Competencies Meeting


Overview of 2014 Agenda

This group convened at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Headquarters in Washington, DC January 15-17, 2014. The group was hosted by Dr. Reynaldo Holder and his team at PAHO. The purpose of this meeting was to determine the core competencies needed for the professionalism of healthcare management worldwide, establishment of a call for action, the role of the consortium and the resulting documents needed to move forward with this work. There were 22 individuals representing 15 different organizations.


Summary of Topics and Consensus Points

Background and purpose.

  • The overarching goal of all of this work is to contribute to the profession of healthcare management, to contribute to training and the process of accreditation of organizations and education programs, to certify healthcare managers and give associations tools to accredit within their country.
  • The international community needs healthcare managers, both within organizations and across countries.
  • There is a global need to professionalize the field of healthcare management.

Core competency group exercise.

  • This group worked to pull out the core competencies, from the current competency directory document (developed out of the 2013 meeting), needed for the professionalism of healthcare management.

Target audience/focus on the customer.

  • Must focus on the competent manager at any level of their career, regardless of their country or care delivery organization.
  • Create credibility within this document where the user can see themselves in the document and use it to further themselves and the profession of healthcare management.

Charter document.

  • Being developed with the goal of addressing the political process of gaining both traction and support for establishing healthcare management as a profession.
  • When done correctly, the reader of this document will realize this matters, the correct people have been involved and this is something that they can support.

Next Steps from 2014 Meeting

  • Sign all members up to the new “basecamp” project management platform.  Establish a common commitment to respond to new documents within a timely and consistent manner.
  • Create timeline for 2014 year’s work.
  • Stabilize and validate the list of competencies discussed during this meeting. (Sinde, Megan and Eliana will work on the first draft of this and then send out to the group to reconcile this list.) 
  • Determine the domains that these competencies naturally differentiate into.
  • Cite references (as needed) within domains for customers to dig deeper into concepts and create a list of terms to ensure consistency in understanding and usage.
  • Refine the current Competency Directory to align the knowledge areas with the new set of domains and competency statements.
  • Create the charter document, which will be discussed during ACHE Congress (morning of 3/25/14).
  • Focus on a two prong process of gaining political support for Charter document and technical support for the Directory document.
  • Create a subgroup to determine the need for/ how to pursue funding and resources.
  • Target where we would like to present this work (World Health Assembly in May 2015?).

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