Posted by: ihfgeneva | March 31, 2014

IHF Participates in WHO Meeting on Patient Safety and Quality Care

From March 20-21, the IHF contributed to the first global experts’ consultation for the development of the WHO Leaders’ Guide on Patient Safety and Quality of Care in Service Delivery in Geneva, Switzerland.  Composed of over 25 experts from around the world in the areas of the global health sector, this conference aimed to address the need to strengthen worldwide capacity to deliver safe and quality health services.

The program commeristo-whonced with a declaration of the specific motivations, objectives and expected outcomes for the Leaders’ Guide.  It then consisted of presentations of successful case studies that highlight leadership action in safety and quality improvement.  After discussing how such cases should be incorporated into the guide, consultants concluded by mapping the logistics behind the organization of the actual guide, sketching a rough timeline for its eventual completion.

Risto Miettunen, an IHF member, was privileged to represent the organization amongst the various other experts and specialists in these topics.  While discussions of the meeting centred largely on clinical issues, M. Miettunen proposed the necessity from a leader’s perspective to cover additional topics.  These potential subjects range from safety culture to information flow, commitment of personnel and the relationship to the hospital quality system as a whole.  In addition, M. Miettunen also acted as a reviewer throughout the conference, aiming to finalize work accomplished so far by the end of next year.

The website for the event is provided through this link:



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