Posted by: ihfgeneva | April 30, 2014

5th Edition; 2014 Geneva Health Forum: Special Report

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  EDR PhotoThe International Hospital Federation (IHF) participated as a Thematic Partner of the 2014 Geneva Health Forum (GHF), held 15-17 April 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland.  

IHF’s Chief Executive Officer, Eric de Roodenbeke was a speaker at the parallel session entitled “Accessing the Impact of Healthcare Institutional Partnerships”. Multiple inter-connected areas of institutional health care partnerships were explored against a background in which institutional health care partnerships are receiving increasing attention in the global health arena, particularly in regard to the knowledge base on how hospital-to-hospital partnerships can strengthen service delivery.

In his presentation, IHF CEO, discussed 3 valuable elements to building partnership.

No. 1: Team-building. Steps to achieve this requires that there be recognition of the hospital as a complex organization that faces many challenges and high levels of stress are experienced daily.

No. 2: Change of management. People should be obliged to think about [their] behaviors to bring in innovations. So that hospitals can provide even more satisfactory care delivery to patients.

No.3: Resource constraint: Not a barrier to accomplishing much with little. The current trend among healthcare providers is to complain of limited resources that restricts their capacity to perform efficiently and effectively. The perspective being to equate greater productivity with more resources. This would require a change of mindset, whereby healthcare providers should look for opportunities rather than concentrate on barriers.

Other speakers provided insider views on partnership,by addressing such topics and elements as:

–          hospital-hospital partnerships; e.g. south-south; south-north;

–          contribution of partnership to health development

–          the way forward in sustaining such partnerships

–          Ways to measure the impact and define partnerships;

The 3 key take home messages from this session were:

1. Quality of Partner: Partnerships maybe not be eternal and is time-constricted.

2. Converting the unbelievers to the value of partnerships: Promote and encourage others on the possibilities available through partnerships. Ensure that actual results of partnerships are evaluated.

3. Human interaction: The importance of engaging in a “process”, that will require human interaction and support to create a sustainable, long-lasting, meaningful programmes. 


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